Yellow Chicken House

Chicken Keeping – The good, the bad and the egg-ly!


Sarah Brookes, Aberystwyth, yellow chicken house

Me and Buffy Lucille

My name is Sarah and I recently became a first-time chicken keeper.

Like most beginners to the hobby, I have scoured the web for information, hints and tips to ensure I was well prepared before bringing my feathered friends home to Aberystwyth. Many websites, forums and blogs share one thing in common – the fact that chicken keeping is addictive, which I completely agree with!

This blog will be a simple account of my experiences, good, bad and egg-ly…with possibly a few unfortunate egg-related puns thrown in for good measure.

My chickens have inspired me to craft and create a range of cards and gifts which can be viewed on my website:

Sarah Brookes, Aberystwyth

Shelley Shufflebottom


3 responses to “About

  1. safia says:

    Hi Sarah – you’re so right – addictive is the word. I’ve just spent the morning covering a wooden frame rescued from a skip with chicken wire. This is the new temporary home for my 5 four-week old chicks – they’re loving all the space and have an upturned crate as a first perch. Buffy Lucille is a very impressive looking bird not to mention pretty content looking, so you must be doing something right! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Safia, that sounds very resourceful – I’ve been thinking about turning some old pallets into a ‘decking area’ to keep my chickens out of the mud in rainy weather. I’ve also had to have some trees chopped down in my garden recently and I’m trying to think of a way to make use of the branches. I was thinking of making a swing as my chickens are quite adventurous. It must be lovely having chicks (I bought mine at POL). I’d definitely like to hatch some chicks and expand my flock when I have more space. Buffy is my most cuddly chicken – thank you for the compliment! She does get pushed around by the two warrens I have despite being significantly larger, but she’s a very friendly and cuddly bird. Mine are hybrids, what breeds do you have?

      • safia says:

        I think mine are mostly hybrids too – a few are pullets, I’d say and some may be a Frizzle mix! Hard to tell as we bought them here in the UAE where a chicken tends to be, well, just a chicken! We’re delighted that they’re good layers. One of the new chicks is definitely a cockerel – amazing the behaviour he’s showing at just over 6 weeks – even attempting a crow in the morning when he hears his dad at it. πŸ™‚

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