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Moving the Chickens into the Omlet Walk-in Run

on November 13, 2016

After we finished building the walk-in run (and we’d tested it by walking in) it was time to introduce the chickens. We transported them all the way from Aberystwyth to Norwich (300 miles!) after dismantling their Eglu Go, hoping it would go back together the same way again (spoiler alert: it did!). We arrived and Martin set to work rebuilding the Go inside the run. I had previously ordered the converter kit which is basically a metal frame, wheels and a ladder which raises the ‘Up’ house off the ground. We fitted the house to the ‘Up’ frame which was very simple to do – it essentially just sits on top and feels very sturdy. We did have a tense moment when we looked at the sizing of the run in relation to the house when on the frame as we thought it may be difficult to slide out the droppings tray. It is a tight space but after a test try, we found that there is room to slide the droppings tray out within the 2m x 2m run as long as you position the house diagonally with the ladder angled towards a far corner.

Omlet Eglu Go Walk in Run

The Completed Coop

There are several things I have done to the run to enhance it for the chickens’ enjoyment.

  1. Sandbox

I bought a cheap plastic planter tray and drilled a few holes in the bottom for drainage. I then filled with play sand which I hoped the girls would use as a dustbath. The reality was not quite what I had imagined. Shelley began enthusiastically eating the sand like it was sugar which spurred on Speckledy to do the same. Eventually, eating sand became boring and Speckledy began using it as a preferred place to stand and poop. To date, no dustbaths have occurred in the sandbox.

2. Hentastic Hanging Feeder

Speckledy is obsessed with the herbal sticks that fit into these feeders. Shelley enjoyed the crumbs that Speckledy would peck off but wasn’t actually willing to do the manual labour required to make the crumbs.

3. Attractive Leafy Plant

I wanted to create the illusion of natural shelter so I thought a tall yucca-type plant would do just the trick. Speckledy seems to enjoy standing underneath it plus the coop looks a lot nicer with a bit of greenery.

4. Border Fencing

I wanted to create a place to perch and came up with the idea of a a little section of wooden border fencing. Sadly, this wasn’t one of my brightest ideas as the fencing doesn’t have the smoothest of edges and is probably not very comfortable for little feet to grip. I can’t see this being a permanent fixture.


Speckledy hiding behind the border




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