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Omlet Walk-In Run Part 4

on August 8, 2016

Just the roof to goThe end is in sight. The door was quite impressive and the mechanism was smooth and easy to manoeuvre. It’s going to be fantastic having the stable-style doors so that I can throw scratch into the chicken run without allowing them to rush past me, scattering across the garden right before I’m due to go out.

I got to work securing the upper panels with Martin’s help.

The poles were secured in place – all that was left to do was secure the side panels followed by the roof panels to finish. The sun shone brightly as we started to visualise the finishing line and the celebratory beer that would inevitably follow.

It definitely helped to have the two of us holding things in place for each other. I think I would have struggled to put this all together by myself.

The upper levels are basically attached with the same plastic clips with one main difference – the upper panels are comprised of wider mesh.The Upper SectionIMG_0308

We decided to place the run towards the back of the garden on the left for several reasons. The ground is fairly flat in that area so the anti-dig skirt sat flush against the bottom of the ground. The trees from the garden next door are growing well and hanging over our fence, creating a lovely bit of shade for the girls to enjoy on a hot summer’s day.

Lastly, due to the positioning of the trees and the height of the fences, the run will only be visible to one of our three overlooking neighbours.

One of the risks with rented accommodation is the fact that our neighbours could object to our chickens in some way. Luckily, the Omlet run is quite discreet and isn’t overtly for chickens – it could easily be a rabbit/guinea pig enclosure – and my girls are elderly and quiet so unlikely to cause any issues to anyone. A chicken run doesn’t have to be an eyesore – the dark green colour of the run blends in well with the garden. Coming soon in part 5 – ‘furnishing’ the new run and most importantly – the girls’ verdict!

The roof is on!

The roof is on!




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