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Omlet Walk-in Run Part 2 – Construction Commences

on July 31, 2016
Assembly Instructions

Instructions and delicate bits

Omlet Instruction Booklet

Omlet Instruction Booklet

We arrived at Norwich on a sunny weekend – ready and raring to go with the construction of our new Omlet Walk-In Run. The run was packed into a total of 5 boxes that were large and flat – some heavier than others, and they slotted easily enough into the back of the car with the seats folded down. The boxes were clearly labelled in alphabetical/numerical order so we got stuck in.


I’m very much a ‘study the instructions before proceeding with caution’ kind of girl whereas Martin will already be intensely wielding a screwdriver, recounting tales of successful DIY conquests and successes of the past. I located the instructions and all of the ‘little bits’ to ensure that everything we needed was there – it was, much to my relief.

Omlet pieces on lawn

Sections blending seamlessly into the lawn

Omlet Walk in run packaging

Opening up the boxes

The instructions advised us to lay the initial parts out on the lawn in front of us which is exactly what I would have done regardless. I set the pieces out like a jigsaw puzzle while Martin circled it thoughtfully, occasionally muttering ‘this is much less flimsy than I thought it would be’ and ‘look how well it blends into the grass.’


The instructions were quite straightforward to follow and we worked together to make sure we were putting it together perfectly, almost as if we were planning to write some kind of blog about it or something… 😉

We did notice that the instructions were very specific about how to lay things out, where to put things etc. We could see that the run has been designed to be put together in a very specific way and the instructions reflect that. Despite our best attempts, we did actually overlook a tiny detail in the instructions which led to some lost time. If you’re a perfectionist, join us for part 3 where I will cover this in more detail.




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