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Omlet Walk-In Run – The Big (ish) Build Part 1

on July 28, 2016
Pet Chickens in the Garden

In the old garden with my pet chickens

I’ve long been an admirer of the Omlet walk-in run but haven’t been able to justify buying a new chicken run after my partner Martin built me a lovely bespoke one. However, we recently decided to move to Norwich from Aberystwyth so it seemed like a great opportunity for me to re-evaluate the setup of my flock. Norwich is known for having lots of urban foxes (so I’m told) so I was keen to invest in a run that would put my mind at ease and keep predators out.

We did consider the possibility of dismantling our existing run and re-assembling it in the new garden but were put off by the time and effort this would entail during an already stressful time. I’ve been really happy with my Eglu Go for the last 4 years which is still in brilliant condition so I decided to go for it and start afresh with a brand new run.



The boxes were clearly labelled to demonstrate the order of unpacking. We ordered the run a few weeks before moving so that we could get it all set up and ready for the girls upon arrival. We travelled to Norwich one sunny weekend and built the run in approximately 1.5 hours. Putting it together turned out to be much easier than I expected so I took lots of photos and intend to explain in a series of bite-size posts how I managed it. More to follow soon. Join me for part 2 here:

chicken run, walk-in run

The Walk In Run has arrived!


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