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No eggs today? I blame the sonic boom in Aberystwyth!

on March 11, 2014


I was in the middle of an appointment with a customer at work at approximately 1pm this afternoon when a huge bang shook my office in Llanbadarn. Neither myself or the customer knew what to do or what had happened! I glanced out of the window pane in my office door to see other members of staff looking startled and confused. We attempted to carry on as if nothing had happened in a typically British way. Later on, I discovered that within minutes of the bang, rumours had begun to circulate. Had someone fallen off a roof? Was it an explosive device? Had a lorry tyre burst? NO. A fighter jet had apparently broken the speed of sound in an urban area. My poor chickens must have been TERRIFIED! I got home after work and went outside to check on them / offer treats / give cuddles and felt relieved to see all 3 of them scrambling towards me as I approached. After scattering a handful of oats in the run, I opened the eglu to collect the eggs and found…….no eggs. Coincidence?

A quick glance at Facebook / Twitter that evening confirmed my suspicions with various news articles:

As well as my chickens, I also have a beautiful cat called Rexham. He has been unusually clingy tonight but after lots of cuddles and attention, he eventually settled down:



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