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New chicken coop extension

on March 10, 2014



After all the recent bad weather in Aberystwyth, I’ve been keeping my chickens quite literally ‘cooped up’ in their standard Eglu 2m run. I usually allow them to free range in my garden while I’m out at work but recently, they’ve been getting better and better at escaping into the neighbours’ gardens on both sides. Our neighbour Johanna had a fencing panel blown down in stormy weather, giving the chickens potential access to further gardens and the continued destruction of all available plant life. This led my ‘handy with a hammer’ boyfriend Martin to embark on his ‘most ambitious DIY project yet.’ He’s quite conveniently written all about it, so I don’t have to! Homemade extension to the Eglu chicken house

I have to say, I absolutely love the new extended run and feel much happier about leaving the chickens during the day all thanks to my lovely boyfriend and my friend Johanna! Now I just have to think of ways to make it as interesting and stimulating as possible to ensure my girls are happy. I’m considering hanging boredom busters, a mezzanine floor with ladder access, a swing, a dust bath, a disco ball and a beware of the chickens handmade sign! Does anyone have any ideas?



2 responses to “New chicken coop extension

  1. Johanna says:

    Chicken bunting!! (Not literally chicken’s, but bunting for the chickens!) 🙂

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