Yellow Chicken House

Chicken Keeping – The good, the bad and the egg-ly!

Who needs a guard dog when you have a broody chicken….?

on October 6, 2013

Today I learned an important lesson – never get in the way of a broody chicken and her nest. I’ll explain…

I was having a cup of tea in the garden with the chickens when I heard a bit of a commotion going on in my neighbour’s garden. Her elderly cat was noisily warning off a cat called Topaz. I should just mention that my neighbour had told me previously that the cat was called Topaz, I couldn’t tell just by looking. Anyway…The chickens made their way over to Myrddin (the neighbour’s cat) and made loud clucking noises in the direction of Topaz. It was almost as if they were defending him and supporting his attempt to get rid of the intruding cat. My neighbour heard the combined hissing, meowing and clucking so came out to investigate. She shooed Topaz away over onto my garden whilst the chickens watched. The cat made it’s way across my garden and towards the yellow chicken house at the far end. Suddenly, Buffy the Speckledy screeched in anguish and sprinted after the cat like a chicken possessed. I have never seen a chicken run so fast!! Then I realised….she’s going through a broody phase and her nest was being approached by a cat! She raced after the cat screeching and clucking and flew the last couple of feet, landing on the cat’s back, pecking furiously! The cat was terrified and scrambled it’s way onto the roof of my garden shed, running for it’s life. Buffy jumped onto the roof of the yellow chicken house, screeching, flapping her wings and shaking her head. Then, she got back on the nest.

Before today, I’ve always been wary when seeing cats in my garden, fearing for my girls’ safety. How wrong I was…..cats of the world beware. Buffy is broody, moody and not afraid to kick some feline butt.




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