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Time to stop calling them Chicken 1, Chicken 2 and Chicken 3

on July 21, 2013

After the departure of ‘psycho chicken’ and the recovery of Shelley,  life in the Yellow Chicken House settled down and I began to think about potential names. My fondness for puns led to several amusing  names (at least, in my opinion) such as Eggy Peggy, Yolky Dokey, and Shelley Shufflebottom. I have always had a bit of a childish sense of humour when naming pets. Mark the Snail (yes, really, but in my defense I was only a child at the time), Paige the guinea pig, and most recently, Rexham the cat.

After observing the chickens for nearly a month, their personalities are beginning to shine through and I can see the social hierarchy working itself out. The warren formerly known as the victim really came into her own after removing the bullying Calder ranger. Despite being half the size of the Speckledy, she was clearly on a mission to prove her authority. She survived a life-threatening ordeal and came out stronger – a tough cookie. So I have named her Cookie.

Newbie warren, after her recovery, turned into a very inquisitive and active chicken. Seeking out the nooks and crannies of the garden and claiming my flower bed as a sunbathing spot, she is always on the move. Shelley Shufflebottom seemed appropriate and allowed me to indulge my love of silly pet names.

The Speckledy was initially named Buffy. She had behaved protectively towards Cookie during the Calder Ranger attacks so it seemed appropriate. However, my neighbour Bethan had been watching the chickens from her garden and had been referring to the Speckledy as Lucille. When I heard the name, I understood why. Lucille is a beautiful name and the Speckledy is a beautiful hen. Her feathers have an elegant blue sheen in the light. But the Speckeldy is not elegant. She is clumsy, boisterous, heavy on her feet and unladylike. As a result, I have named her Buffy Lucille; a combination of comedy with elegance.

Eglu Go, happy chickens, backyard chickens

Yellow chicken house-mates!

Cookie, Buffy Lucille and Shelley Shufflebottom – my garden flock! Cookie is the boss lady; clearly the leader of the pack. Buff wishes she was the boss and occasionally pushes her luck but gets pecked straight back into line by Cookie. Shelley is shy but adorable. I’m looking forward to watching their personalities develop and I hope the names I have picked are appropriate to their characters.


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