Yellow Chicken House

Chicken Keeping – The good, the bad and the egg-ly!

The Backyard Chicken Movement

on June 1, 2013

I have officially become part of the chicken keeping craze which appears to be sweeping the nation. Thanks in part to a company called Omlet, with their award-winning designer chicken houses, chicken keeping is becoming popular in towns and cities as well as the countryside. After moving house, my boyfriend and I now have a fantastic garden that is perfect for a small flock of chickens. It’s spacious but surrounded by an 8-foot wall, has plenty of grass (and weeds which thankfully chickens like to eat) and has a lovely set of neighbours either side. So we felt that the time was right to finally take the plunge and start our own little ‘garden farm.’

Task number one was to find a suitable hen house. The huge range of chicken housing was overwhelming and I must have spent hours reading, researching, and talking to people including my boyfriend who began to regret encouraging me. I was chicken-mad and I hadn’t even bought them yet. I was really impressed with the Omlet products and eventually decided that I would buy either an Eglu Classic or an Eglu Go:

As most people who know me will be aware, I am an Apple fan. I’m writing this from my garden on a MacBook Pro, with my iPhone on one side of the table and my iPad on the other. As an Apple fan, I am a willing victim of a good marketing campaign, hence my susceptibility to the bright colours and 3-choice system of the Omlet Eglu products. The Eglu hen houses are photographed on bright green manicured lawns, giving no indication of the real mess and chaos that chickens are capable of causing. The plastic hen houses are arguably overpriced but after being seduced by the pretty website and promotional videos, I no longer cared.

In the end, after 2 weeks of agonising over which Eglu to buy and repeatedly asking my long-suffering boyfriend to help me decide, he finally ended my dilemma. He breathed a sigh of resignation, reached for his American Express and ordered the Eglu Go. He then wordlessly poured me a large glass of red wine and asked me to stop talking about chickens for the rest of the night. And here it is…

Eglu Go   I guess this would be an appropriate time to give a little review of the Go so I will give pros and cons.


– Very easy to clean largely due to the pull-out tray

– Quick and easy assembly

– Easy to open for egg collection


– Expensive

– Run seemed too small for 3 medium hens

Overall, I am immensely happy with the Eglu Go and although it was a little pricey, I feel justified in knowing that the resale value on Eglus is high and the product is hygienic and long-lasting so will ultimately be more cost-effective that a traditional wooden house. At least, that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself…


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